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Step 2: Choosing your settings

Learn more about how to customise your settings for the best Leave Me Alone outcome

Which languages do you speak?

One of the ways that we find newsletters and subscriptions in your email account is by scanning the emails for words and patterns that are commonly found within these types of email. Words like “unsubscribe” and “opt-out”.

If you provide other languages that can be found in your inbox then we’ll search for the equivalent words in your language too!

We only support a limited number of languages right now, but if you want to see yours then let us know and we’ll prioritize it!

What shall we do with your emails after we unsubscribe?

We’ll show you a list of all your emails that we can unsubscribe from so you can choose which ones to unsubscribe from. Once the unsubscribe is complete then we can move the email to a folder of your choice, or we can leave it where it is. It’s up to you!

We never delete any emails, we’ll only ever move them into folders. If you want to delete your old subscription emails then wait until they’re all moved into the specified folder and then simply delete the contents of that folder in your mail client.

Can we send you updates about Leave Me Alone?

We run a small mailing list where we occasionally send details about product updates, like when we release new features, or have something important to tell you.

We don’t like sending emails that you don’t want (obviously as it’s our job to stop them), so if you don’t want to receive our emails then just leave this blank.

We’ll still send you some important transactional emails, such as about payments. And we’ll also send you a short series of emails to help you get started with Leave Me Alone (we want you to know about all our features!). But you can unsubscribe from these at any time.
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