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How to block emails with Inbox Shield

How to enable Inbox Shield to start blocking unwanted emails from landing in your inbox

Inbox Shield is a way to reduce the number of emails that are hitting your inbox so that you can lower distractions and be more productive.

How does Inbox Shield work?

When you enable Shield we'll start monitoring your inbox for new emails.

You can choose to block or allow all mail:

Block all: with block all enabled new emails are blocked by the screener unless they are allowed by you in the screened mail list.
Allow all: with allow all enabled new emails are allowed by the screener unless they are blocked by your active blocklists.
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If a new email is blocked (either by block all or by being on an a blocklist), then we move it instantly to a hidden folder so that it skips your inbox.

You can check if any new screened mail needs your attention and other stats on your Shield Dashboard:

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How do I use Inbox Shield?

Learn more about enabling Inbox Shield, blocking mail, adding priority senders, and creating do not disturb schedules here:

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