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What is Shielded Emails?

Learn more about Shielded Emails and how to create new private email addresses and rules to keep your inbox free from spam

Your Shielded Emails allow you to give out email addresses without worrying about your inbox being spammed.

How does Shielded Emails work?

You can use Shielded Emails to protect your email address. For example you can sign up for services or newsletters that you don’t want to share your own email address with.

When we receive an email to one of your Shielded Email addresses we will perform the selected action (Rollup, Forward, etc) without exposing your actual email address.


What are built-in Shielded Emails?

You have a Shielded Email for each of your Rollups. Emails sent to these addresses will be added to the specified Rollup.

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What are custom Shielded Emails?

You can create more Shielded Emails and customise the actions for each of them.

Currently Available Actions: Rollup, Forward, Unsubscribe.

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What happens if I reply to a forwarded Shielded Email?

If we forward an email to you via the Shielded Email service and you reply to it the sender will not see your actual email address.

We send your reply via your Shielded Email address so your own email is never exposed.

Shielded Emails is being actively worked on and improvements such as more actions, expiring emails, and message stats are coming soon. Currently you are limited to 3 custom Shielded Emails but we plan to increase this in the future.
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