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How to connect any email account with IMAP

Step-by-step guide for connecting any account to Leave Me Alone

Step 1: Find your IMAP details

IMAP is a way for Leave Me Alone to connect to your email account so that we can scan your mailboxes and show you emails to unsubscribe from.

Heads up! You might not need your IMAP details… We provide direct integrations for all the most popular mail providers. You can click any of the below for details on how to connect a mail account from each of these providers. Gmail - Outlook - iCloud - Yahoo - AOL - Fastmail

IMAP Details for Popular Providers

With someone else?

You can find out your IMAP details by contacting your provider, though you can also usually find this by searching Google for "<your mail provider> IMAP settings". - Specifically, you will need the IMAP host (or IMAP Server) and IMAP port for your mail provider's server.

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Step 2: Connect your account

  1. Enter your email address and wait for us to select your account type (or you can click the dropdown on the right of the field to change the account type)
  1. Enter your password (this is usually the password you use to sign in)
  1. Enter the IMAP host and IMAP port you found in Step 1
  1. Click Connect account
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All done! ✨

You can now connect any email account that supports IMAP to Leave Me Alone using this method.

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