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How to connect a account

Step-by-step guide for connecting your account to Leave Me Alone

Step 1 : Enable IMAP

To scan your mailbox for emails, you need to enable IMAP for your account.

Click Email → Settings → POP3 & IMAP → Enable access to this account via POP3 and IMAP

  1. Once logged-in to, go to Email.
  1. Head to Settings and then POP3 & IMAP.
  1. Then Enable access to the account via POP3 and IMAP.
  1. Finally, Save (don't forget this step ⚠️).

Step 2: Do you have 2-factor-auth enabled?

If you don’t have 2-factor-auth enabled on your account, you’re all done and can now connect mail account to Leave Me Alone via the Accounts page.

However, if you do - have 2-factor-auth enabled -, you’ll need to continue to step 3.

Step 3: Create an App Password

  1. Click on Home and on Security Options.
  1. Click on Manage application-specific passwords.
  1. Then on Create new application-specific password.
  1. Enter your password and click on Continue.
The App Password will only be shown once. If you lose it, you’ll need to revoke the old one and create another.

All done!

You can now connect you can now connect account to Leave Me Alone via the Accounts page.


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