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Still getting emails?

Still getting emails that you unsubscribed from? This article explains why that may happen.

Unfortunately we can’t unsubscribed from everything, although we’re improving our processes all the time.

Sometimes when we follow an unsubscribe link the page that we reach requires extra steps. We handle the majority of these such as clicking buttons or entering your email address, however when they require a login or security code then we are unable to continue.


We mark these unsubscribes as “failed” in the Subscriptions List and you can see them all together by selecting the “failed” filter.

Notion image

You can read more about filtering here.


If you have any failed unsubscribes then we will show you the reason why they failed, as well as an image showing the failure if you click the “Unsub failed” button:

Notion image

For example this one failed because it requires a login, note the screenshot to the right:

Notion image

If it looks like the unsubscribe didn’t work then click the “It didn’t work” button and we will show you the unsubscribe link so that you can unsubscribe manually if you like.

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