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The Cold Emails Blocklist

Using the Cold Emails blocklist to stop cold outreach emails from common services

What is the Cold Email Blocklist?

The Cold Emails blocklist blocks emails sent from mass email tools such as GMass, LemList, SalesForce and many more.

This blocklist is still experimental! Use at your own risk :)

These tools allow marketers to send a huge amount of emails designed in a way to look personal, usually to try and get you to buy something. This blocklist is designed to block these emails from ever reaching your inbox.

How can I spot a cold email?

These emails can be hard to spot as they're supposed to look exactly like an email from a colleague or genuine outreach.

There are a couple of dead-giveaways though such as;

  • Faking previous engagement by adding "RE: " to the subject line even though it's the first email in the thread
  • Faking previous conversations by referring to a call or discussion elsewhere even though you've never communicated before
  • Seeing an unsubscribe link at the bottom of "personal" emails

But of course the best way is to use Leave Me Alone to block them!

I get some cold emails that aren't blocked!

We're constantly adding support for more major cold-email providers. If you are still getting regular emails that we aren't blocking or have any suggestions for more providers to block please let us know by emailing

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