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How to use Priority Senders

How to use Priority Senders to ensure important emails are never blocked and always land in your inbox

How do I use Priority Senders?

You can think of Priority Senders as your VIPs, people you always want to make sure you receive emails from when they send them. There are two ways you can add a Priority Sender, “Add sender” and “Add filter”, let's run through them.

Emails from Priority Senders will always land in your inbox. Makes sense right? Priority Senders are… prioritised! Their emails will always land directly in your inbox, regardless of Blocklists, Rollups, Schedules, and any other settings in Leave Me Alone.
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Prioritise by Sender

The simplest of the two options is to “Add sender”, this allows you to state a specific email address or domain to prioritise.

Let’s say you always want to receive emails from work, here you could add the work’s domain (, for example), or maybe you want to only add your boss, in which case you could add their specific email address (

Prioritise by Filters

Filters give you more control over who’s considered a Priority Sender. Instead of setting a specific domain or email address, you lay out your rules for what should be considered a priority.

For example, maybe you want to ensure that emails with the word “URGENT” in the subject always come straight through to your inbox. Filters let you do this. In fact, there are quite a lot of possibilities here, you can apply filters for the ‘to address’, ‘from address’, ‘subject’, and even raw ‘email header’. Then you can define the type of filter, do you want to look for an exact match, or maybe just see if it contains a certain word, that’s all possible.

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