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How to use Do Not Disturb

Learn about how to set-up scheduled periods that we’ll hold your mail so that you can stay focused

You can set a scheduled time to stop being disturbed by emails. If emails arrive during your schedules we will hold onto them and deliver them when the schedule ends.

You can choose from one of our preset schedules or create your own!

Choose a scheduled time to not be disturbed
Choose a scheduled time to not be disturbed

Where can I find my held emails?

The held emails are still in your mail client. If you need to see them before your schedule ends you can check the _lma-shield/on-hold folder.

Can I release my held emails?

Yes! If we are holding emails you will be able to see how many there are and when we will release them on your Shield Dashboard. If you'd like to release them early you can do that from the schedules page.

What happens when I disable do-not-disturb?

If we are holding mail then we release it. Otherwise, we will stop holding mail for your accounts.

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