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How to use Blocklists

Find out about the different blocklists you can use to control who is allowed to email you

Senders on your Blocklists will be blocked from appearing in your inbox by the Screener. You can see them in the Screened Mail View, and choose if you wish to allow or continue to block them.


There are two types of Blocklist:

Your Blocklists


Built-in Blocklists

  • The Social Media Blocklist Automatically blocks emails from popular social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other popular social media websites.
  • The Spam Blocklist A dynamic blocklist that checks emails against popular spam databases to determine if the senders are known for sending spam or low quality mail.
  • The Cold-Emails Blocklist Blocks emails from marketers who send a huge amount of emails designed in a way to look personal, usually to try and get you to buy something.
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