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🔍 Searching and filtering mail

How to find emails within the Leave Me Alone system

In the top right of the page, you’ll see a search box that looks like this:

Notion image

This is a simple way to find emails within the Leave Me Alone system, it will show you emails that;

  • You have unsubscribed from
  • Are in a Rollup
  • Have been screened, blocked or allowed by Inbox Shield
  • Have been seen recently in your inbox (if you have Inbox Shield enabled)
The search will only work if you enter either a full email address (like or a valid domain ( Typing an email subject or sender name will not work.

If you want to find out more information about what has happened to an email, for example what Rollup it has been added to or why is was blocked, then searching for it with this is the simplest way.

Notion image
The search functionality will only show emails that we know about, it does not search your mailboxes, only our system.
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