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How to delete your account

How to permanently deactivate and delete your Leave Me Alone account

How can I delete my account?

WARNING: This is permanent and cannot be undone!

You can deactivate your account from the danger zone on the profile page here. This will delete all of your data, revoke your API keys, and sign you out.

You will still be able to create an account again to clean your inbox in the future.

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What data is erased when I delete my account?

  • If you had connected an email account to Leave Me Alone, we will revoke any API keys, and delete any usernames or passwords related to it.
  • If you had a subscription with us, it will be cancelled.
  • All of your information stored in our database will be erased, including your email address and any other identifying information.
  • If you had saved your credit card, it will be deleted from our payment provider (Stripe).
  • If you made a purchase of credits or a subscription plan, we are required to keep your information (not including card details) for tax purposes for 3 years after the payment date.
  • Some of your records may be present in our database backups, which will be deleted after 90 days.

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